Appalachian Souls Duology

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Get Both Souls Lost and Souls Broken in this complete series bundle!

Souls Lost

Taran Rees, chief of police in the peaceful town of Corbin Meadow, faces an enigmatic killer. When former resident Zoe Mason-Hyer Parker returns, pieces of the puzzle fall into place. What seems to be a conventional investigation takes a haunting turn as superstition and shadows cloud the path.

The relentless murderer stalking the town targets Zoe, pushing Taran to confront his skepticism of the supernatural and reconcile with his complicated past, including his ex-wife. Balancing his attraction to Zoe and the baggage of his previous relationship, Taran races against time to protect both his new flame and as well as his former wife.

Dive into this riveting mystery that explores the boundaries between reality and superstition. Get ready for an enthralling journey that will leave you breathless until the final page.

Souls Broken

Solving one murder doesn’t solve the secrets of Corbin Meadow. 

While the county sheriffs believe they’ve solved the murders in Corbin Meadow, Kay, Zoe, and police chief Taran Rees know better. Whatever was murdering people in town is still there.

Kay is tied to the creature and feels trapped in the small town that she fled once before. But if she leaves, the town could be lost.

Their investigations take them to the paranormal studies department of Redwellyn University where their inquiries set off a whole new problem. Someone there wants the power Kay holds and they’re willing to do anything to get it.

Now, Kay, Zoe, and Taran must race against another killer to save the town and to save Kay’s life, but is it at the risk of their immortal souls?

Souls Broken is the exciting conclusion to the story that began in Souls Lost

Notes from the Author:

I loved writing this book and the twists the plot took. In terms of writing style, the long lazy sentences come naturally to me but I try and keep them down to a reasonable length. This voice required that the sentences be long and meandering. The world was hot and days moved slowly. The occult portion of the world was hidden the way details were hidden in the midst of a sentence that seemed half a paragraph long.

The characters also fascinated me. They made choices that looked good at first glance only to realize they’d harmed people they cared about. I normally hate making my characters suffer but these characters seemed to do it to themselves. I’d have a great idea for them to solve a problem only to realize the next day that there was a better way. My characters realized it to and suffered the consequences and the guilt that they hadn’t had the foresight to make better choices.

While each book stands alone, the two books in this series are best read together. And someday I hope to explore what happens next in a third book in the trilogy.

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