Darklight Detectives


Only the rich hire investigators in Clanhold.

Argon Darklight discovers he can make better money investigating theft and murder than working in a warehouse. Flush with a full gold coin, he sets up Darklight Detectives.

The richest of the clans to the poorest of street urchins hire Darklight Detectives if a crime has been committed against them.

To make Darklight Detectives the best of the best, Argon employs a wide variety of investigators, from Fi, a clanless daughter with a nose for the truth, to Delina, daughter of a clan she renounced, but still passes even in the richest of clan societies, to Dikkin a former street orphan who pays the other orphans well for their information.

Each brings their own talent which Argon uses well, doing his part to keep his corner of Clanhold safe.

Darklight Detectives is a collection of short stories featuring various detectives in the agency. Fans of fantasy mystery won’t want to miss out.

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