Dragons of Protection


Magic goes awry when tiny dragons appear on Jewel Island.
The peaceful life Holly comes to know on Jewel shatters when a dead body drops to the island from the ferry. It’s not just any body, but a powerful mage whose sole purpose was to keep the evil mage, Damien Bain, locked away.
Shortly after, mysterious visitors wreak havoc on the island and the appearance of the tiny dragons keep spells from working as they should. Holly learns that Damien’s followers are still around, hungry for vengeance. With enemies she never knew existed, Holly must tap into her inner strength, harnessing every ounce of power she possesses.
With her loyal friends, Holly embarks on a thrilling quest to uncover the identity of the mysterious visitors, for she learns that if she doesn’t, Damien’s reach may still allow him to steal her magic, her body, and perhaps even her soul.
Prepare for an enthralling ride filled with magic, danger, and unexpected allies. Join Holly as she confronts her fears, unravels secrets, and discovers the true extent of her magical abilities.

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