Heart of Resurrection


Shadows of malevolence still loom over Jewel Island.

When a new threat emerges, it is one so powerful it taints even the most powerful mages who have come to aid Holly and the people of Jewel Island.
This evil has burrowed deeply enough that even the bravest enforcers acknowledge the necessity of a re-dedication ceremony. The ceremony demands the unthinkable—a living, human sacrifice.

Holly, driven by her unyielding determination, stands at the crossroads of an agonizing decision. Can she trust the assurance that the sacrifice must be voluntary, or does deceit fester beneath the surface? Doubt gnaws at her as she navigates a treacherous path, facing challenges that test her spirit and convictions.

In the climactic rededication ceremony, Holly confronts the ultimate test. Her greatest magical battle to date unfolds as a showdown against the very essence of the magic she wields. The stakes have never been higher—the balance between life and annihilation teeters on the brink.

Will she triumph over the heart of the magic that both empowers and threatens to consume her? The answers await in this spellbinding adventure.

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